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created by David Bromley and Jim Hall, now brought to you by Bromley and Bowles of RVA’s very own Composition House. copyright Max Hopper.

Honey ! (and virtual tour of Art in Shambles exhibit!)

Virtual Tour  of the ART IN SHAMBLES show - on YouTube

Virtual Tour
of the ART IN SHAMBLES show –
on YouTube


Sure…It’s a “Masterpiece!”

Richmond VA Art Walk, May 2, 2014

This and other cartoon masterpieces
open this Friday in RVA
9WG Studios

They Say He Suffered For His Art

art gallery

You don’t have to suffer…
Join us at 9wG Studios this May 2, 2014!

I Finally Had A Breakthrough!

Art in Shambles at 9WG gallery!

At least he is modest! – Art Show at 9WG opens May 2, 2014


It is superb!

It is superb! - the critic

Click image for a you-tube video of some preview art from the upcoming show at 9WG

Who Cares What You Think?

RVA cartoonists Bromley and Bowles

Comic Art and Fine Art meet HEAD-ON!
the return of Art in Shambles
9WG Studios
May 2, 2014 Opening Reception
First Friday Artwalk, Richmond VA

Broadway Mumbo Jumbo

seeing is not believing!

Accept No Substitutes…
Prepare for the Art in Shambles
exhibit at 9WG Gallery in Richmond, VA
May, 2014